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This morning while stopping at the local convenience for coffee, I approached the coffee area. As I got near I notice a husband/boyfriend with his lady and small boy who looked about 3 yrs old. The male looked uptight when I got near. I live in the south and despite the stereotype, not everyone is prejudice, but you still run into people that have ingrained discomfort around different people. I walked away pretending to look for something else and returned when the father left. The mother and child were still finishing up as I grabbed a coffee cup. The little boy looked at me, smiled, reached for a coffee stirrer that was right next to him and said “here you go”. The mother quickly said “don’t do that.” The boy looked up at his mother and said, “he needs it for his coffee.” I smiled at the boy and made sure that he saw me put the stirrer in my cup to let him know I was going to use even if his mom to him no.
Next I walked to the register and the family was paying for there things. An Middle eastern man was behind them. The little boy looked up at the man, smiled and started having a conversation with the man about the candy he wanted to buy.
As I walked to my car, I passed the family and all I heard was the father cussing and having a fit about not having enough tobacco for his rolling papers.
I hope this little boy will be smart enough and strong enough to remain the treasure he is today.

— 5 months ago